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­ A Siren's Alpha - pre-order today as part of the Paranormal Hotel anthology. (All proceeds go to charity!) 1   Icy water surged around my feet as I strode from the ocean. The trip this year had been much rougher than last, storms whipping across the waters, bringing huge waves and freezing currents....

Magical Compass Chapters 1 & 2 sneak peek.

Chapter 1 Tyson Compass   “You must have some information about where Grace might be!” I’d been arguing with members of the Trinity coven for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes I did not have to waste. So far they’d told me that they thought her family possibly moved to Oregon, or Chicago. Maybe even Canada. Basically...

Audio Books

So I have had a few people ask me about the audio book release schedule. At this stage I have half of my books in production, and the other half planned for next year. Dragon Mystics, Mated and Broken Compass should all be out late November/early December 2016. Annihilate should be out early December 2016...

Dragon Mystics

Cover reveal for Dragon Mystics, Book 2 in the Supernatural Prison series!

Dragon Marked - Supernatural Prison #1

Cover Reveal! Released 3rd February. Book trailer.

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