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Regali: Chapter 1

This is the unedited version and is subject to change. :) Welcome to the world of Regali.

Chapter 1  RIA

The two jag men waved their fronds, swishing around the tropical heat which encased Ria’s loft house. They had insisted on this task, but in [...]

Getting close :-)

I have reached that stage on Regali. 60,000 words. I have most of the basic storyline down, just a few more chapters and I’ll be done. I love it when a storyline comes together and some of the craziness of the Walkers even has me [...]

Writing, writing, writing ...

I love it! Writing is the best way to express and create and live a million lives. I can’t find enough time in the day to do all the writing I want. So I have my Walker Saga to finish- 7 books.

First World Spurn [...]

Hello Regali !!!

Hello there!! Everything is great over here in Walker world, I’m just working on Regali (book 4).

In between that though I’ve had the opportunity to check out Chameleon by Kathy Stewart.

If you’re interested in a thoroughly researched page turner set in South Africa [...]

IT'S LIVE ... Crais - A Walker Saga Book Three

Yep, it’s early, but I hate waiting for things, so I believe everyone else does also :)