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Supernatural Academy- Year One - Chapter One

**This is unedited and may change in the final copy. Supernatural Academy age recommendation is 17/18+ due to swearing and sex scenes (it will be the same level as Supernatural Prison series). :) Chapter 1 Somewhere close by, a loud, raucous countdown was on, cheers echoing as the New Year was rung in. There was...

Paranormal Apprehension Agency - part 2

Part two of Paranormal Apprehension Agency. This is unedited and copyright of Jaymin Eve Publishing. I hadn’t realised how rapidly I was breathing until a little voice broke through my panic. “Is it the boogerman?” Mattie had my stolen sword swinging around her tiny body as she surged forward. She was surprisingly strong for a...

Paranormal Apprehension Agency - serial (to get first view, sign up for my newsletter)

Paranormal Apprehension Agency I've decided to start a serial story, which I will publish for free in my newsletter. I'm also going to change it up a little, and have you all vote on certain aspects of the story (choose your own adventure).  You can get in on the voting if you join my private...

The Princess Must Die - Storm Princess Saga

Chapter One The first crackles of lightning scatter across my skin as the perfect storm swirls above me. It’s been building since yesterday—from the moment I last subdued it. The Storm Vault is so high that normally I can’t see the eye of the storm, but this one’s growing so fast that the dark center...

Audio Books

So I have had a few people ask me about the audio book release schedule. At this stage I have half of my books in production, and the other half planned for next year. Dragon Mystics, Mated and Broken Compass should all be out late November/early December 2016. Annihilate should be out early December 2016...

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