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Demon Pack

Shadow Beast Shifters

Rejected Book 1

Reclaimed Book 2

Reborn Book 3

Deserted Book 4

Compelled Book 5

Glamoured Book 6

Royals of Arbon Academy

The Titans Saga

Supernatural Academy

Year One Book 1

Year Two Book 2

Year Three Book 3

Dark Legacy

Broken Wings Book 1

Broken Trust Book 2

Broken Legacy Book 3

Dylan Book 4

Dark Legacy Omnibus The Complete Dark Legacy Series

Storm Princess Saga

Storm Princess Omnibus The Complete Storm Princess Series

Secret Keepers

Secret Keepers Omnibus The Complete Secret Keepers Series

Curse of the Gods

Trickery Book 1

Persuasion Book 2

Seduction Book 3

Strength Book 4

Neutral Book 4.5

Pain Book 5

The Hive Trilogy

Ash Book 1

Anarchy Book 2

Annihilate Book 3

NYC Mecca

Queen Heir Book 1

Queen Alpha Book 2

Queen Fae Book 3

Queen Mecca Book 4

Supernatural Prison Series

Sinclair Stories

Songbird Book 1

A Walker Saga

First World Book 1

Spurn Book 2

Crais Book 3

Regali Book 4

Nephilius Book 5

Dronish Book 6

Earth Book 7