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Supernatural Academy- Year One - Chapter One

**This is unedited and may change in the final copy. Supernatural Academy age recommendation is 17/18+ due to swearing and sex scenes (it will be the same level as Supernatural Prison series). :)

Chapter 1

Somewhere close by a loud, raucous countdown was on. Cheers [...]

Paranormal Apprehension Agency - part 2

Part two of Paranormal Apprehension Agency. This is unedited and copyright of Jaymin Eve Publishing.

I hadn’t realised how rapidly I was breathing until a little voice broke through my panic. “Is it the boogerman?” Mattie [...]

Paranormal Apprehension Agency - serial (to get first view, sign up for my newsletter)

Paranormal Apprehension Agency

I’ve decided to start a serial story, which I will publish for free in my newsletter. I’m also going to change it up a little, and have you all vote on certain aspects of the story (choose your own adventure).  You can [...]

The Princess Must Die - Storm Princess Saga

Chapter One

The first crackles of lightning scatter across my skin as the perfect storm swirls above me. It’s been building since yesterday—from the moment I last subdued it.

The Storm Vault is so high that normally I can’t see the eye of the storm, [...]

House of Darken - Chapters 1-3

**Please note that this has not had final edits and is subject to change.**

Copyright of Jaymin Eve 2018 


Chapter One


“Are you okay, Emma?”

Turning from the window, I was more than happy to get out of my own head. The endless [...]