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So I have had a few people ask me about the audio book release schedule. At this stage I have half of my books in production, and the other half planned for next year. Dragon Mystics, Mated and Broken Compass should all be out late November/early December 2016. Annihilate should be out early December 2016 also. The rest of the Walker Saga will probably happen next year, one a month or so depending on the narrators schedule.

Thanks so much for all your patience with this. It has been hard working out the logistics being in Australia (they don’t make it easy for international authors) but we’ll get there eventually.


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Kristina Jester
3 years ago

I am thrilled to know you will be doing the audible books for the rest of your series!! I have really fallen in love with your books, and there is nothing more disappointing than finding out you won’t be able to listen to the rest of a series. Thank you so much for the wonderful books, you write. I’m on pins and needles waiting for them to come out!

Cyn Kelly Smith
3 years ago

I am adding my thanks along with the other readers who are anxiously awaiting the audio version of Mystics and Mating. I thoroughly enjoyed Dragon Marked, from the excellent story line to the talented narration. I am so addicted to the freedom that audio books give me (to multi-task), that I find it difficult to sit and read now. It will be hard to wait months in order to listen to the next book, but it’s something to look forward to as well. Thank you!

Karlene Jarrett
3 years ago

This is great news. I just discovered your books and love love love them. Just wished there were more audio books; I am a very busy mom, nurse and student

Nichole RIchardson
3 years ago

I am so excited to hear that! I have so far bought all of them and was frantically looking for the rest, phew I can rest knowing they are coming, THANK YOU!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!

3 years ago

Will the other walker books be released soon in audio?

3 years ago

I’m going crazy waiting for the Walker books o come out on audible!! Actually if all your books were on audible I would listen to every one of them. Sorry I’m so impatient but I can’t wait for MORE!!!! :-D

3 years ago

Awesome, thanks. With school starting again, audiobooks are my life on the go. I’d like to hear the rest of the Walker Saga. :)

Charles Griffith(Griff)
3 years ago

I love the Dragon Marked and the Supernatural Prison series. I have not used any audio books yet. I don’t have many long drives anymore. I have to try them as I work around he house. I look forward to more of your books. I am about halfway throughthe Walker Series. Thanks for all the great reads.

3 years ago

Do you have an update on the Audiobooks for the Walker Saga? I just finished the Supernatural Prison Series and Broken Compass. Trying to be patient while waiting for Book 2 of the Walker Saga! The sample at the end of Book 1 was such a tease!

3 years ago

I need spurn and the rest of the series in audio book in my life. I get your books in audio and even book and am starting to order them in paper back love love love your books. :) xx

3 years ago

E book sorry auto correct

3 years ago

Do you have a timeline on the rest of the Walker Saga books coming out?

Meg Jago
3 years ago

I have to say the Prison series was amazing and I’m hoping that there will be more books. I just started the walker series and I am already hooked. Thank you so much for writing these wonderful books and please keep up the amazing work. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

3 years ago

Love your books, please tell me you and Jane have audible planned for Curse of the Gods Series?!

Brittany Gauthier
3 years ago

I can’t tell you how happy this information makes me. When I found The Walker Saga last week, and realized the audiobooks weren’t finished, I was forced to actually read the books. Nothing has forced me to read books in many moons. Please finished the audiobooks!!! I need these in my collection.

Thank you for the series it has brought me much happiness!


3 years ago

I am happy to hear that! The narrator for the Walker Saga is just amazing! I can’t wait for the rest! Thanks!

Ashley Kramer
3 years ago

I am so glad you are getting your series on audible! I read Dragon Marked when it came out in 2015 and was excited to see it was a complete series but then was crushed when they were not on audible (i have had a few other series I liked that only the first book were ever released). After a year waiting I got to finish Supernatural Prison series. Now I am LOVING your Walker and Mecca Series. Per ordered and read Queen Alpha as soon as it came out. I am patiently waiting for the rest of the Walker… Read more »

3 years ago

When are the rest of the walker series coming out in audio?

2 years ago

Any idea when Nephilius will be available on Audible? I’ve been waiting for so long! Waiting is hard! Haha

2 years ago

Any news on when nephillus and the rest of the walker series will be audible?

Diana Swensen
2 years ago

I cant wait for the rest of the walker series. I am in love with them.

2 years ago

When will the last 2 Walker Saga books and Queen Mecca be our on audio?

2 years ago

Do you have an expected release date on Earth in audio format? I would love to finish the series but am not sure when I can find the time to sit and read!

2 years ago

What’s the schedule for Seduction on audible? I just love them. She’s so fun!

Amanda Montana
2 years ago

I am dying to know when Broken Compass will be released as an audiobook? I drive for a living so audiobooks are the way to go for me. I absolutely love this series!

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