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Welcome and Nephilius teaser #2

Hello peeps!

Thanks for signing up for my mailing list. I’ll be sending out new release information and teasers. At this stage my plan is to release Nephilius a few days early. But I will announce here and on facebook when it’s live.


Nephilius teaser #2

Lucy closed her eyes and placed her hands in front of her. “I can feel them,” she breathed. “My blood is singing, burning through my veins and I … I need to dance.” Dance?

Her eyes were still closed and she began to move. I had to get out of the road because all of a sudden Lucy was twirling. Her arms swayed around her as she shifted her body left and right.

“Luce?” I said, keeping my voice low. I didn’t want to startle her from this trance-like state she was in.

She didn’t answer. Her feet left the ground and she started to twist in the air as she drifted along the path. She took the smallest of the four paths, her lithe form swirling and moving in graceful arcs as she traveled. I called power to myself as I silently followed, prepared for anything. There were so many strange things going on right then. Zoned-out Lucy was a huge number one, but there was also the fact that the dim light in the forest never altered, becoming no lighter or darker as we moved through the trees. That wasn’t normal forest behavior. Not to mention, it was almost night now and it should be black under the canopy.

Ahead of us was another fork in the road, and as Lucy drifted she suddenly leapt to her right and I saw it then. A massive swirling portal of orange and yellow. It looked like a flower portrait, but it wasn’t, and for the first time it wasn’t leaves either. It was an actual portal of swirling energy.

I was going to take a wild guess that we had found the entrance to pixie land.

I dashed forward to Lucy, my heart rate increased at the thought of losing her in here. I was afraid I’d never see her again. But just as I was about to capture her hand in mine, the portal shifted, the yellow faded out and an angry red erupted. At this same moment a horn-like noise sounded, in one long unbroken note. It vibrated through my energy. Flashes of light exploded from the portal and Lucy opened her eyes just as the red extended in her direction and she was sucked into its grasp. Using my Walker speed, I lunged for her and just managed to grab hold of the back of her jacket.

We were pulled through, the speed and brightness forcing my eyes closed. The influx of negative energy – which had surrounded us since we’d entered the forest – had changed from small prickles to more intense stabbing attacks. And then in unison the horn ceased and the energy abated. I found myself flung forward to land in a crouched position. Lucy was next to me, her jacket still clutched in my closed fist.

My lids flicked up without pause, eyes darting left and right as I took in our surroundings. What the hell?

Without thought I released my grip on Lucy, my face slackened as the sight before me registered in my brain.

We were definitely no longer in the forest.


Ahhhh, teasers are mean! 😉 But not long now until it will be live for full enjoyment.

Until then, happy reading.

Jaymin xx

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