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The Princess Must Reign

The Princess Must Reign

Book 3: Storm Princess Saga

The battle begins. The storm will rage. 

In a world of elves and gargoyles hidden beneath the streets of Chicago, Storm Princess Marbella Mercy has awakened a deadly power in a bid to free Baelen Rath from the savage gargoyle king. 

But the consequences of her actions are far more significant than she could have known, threatening to tear the gargoyle kingdom apart and leave Marbella vulnerable to an elven attack.

Among her elven enemies is a dangerous new sorcerer whose powers rival her own. Ripping Marbella away from Baelen, the sorcerer ignites a war that threatens to spill over into the human world. 

When the battle between the elves and gargoyles begins, only one thing is certain – the princess must reign.