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Secret Keepers Omnibus

Secret Keepers Omnibus

The Complete Secret Keepers Series

This set includes all four books in the Secret Keepers series.

Ready to break the rules?

Emma, Callie, Maya, and Avalon have a few things in common:

1. They’re all part of a secret society that exists within the human world.

2. They’re big fans of Converse, great food, and sarcasm.

3. They’re about to find themselves co-existing alongside some of the most alpha, frustrating, gorgeous men in both worlds.

Yeah, that’s right. Two worlds. Two worlds that might end if someone isn’t ready to break the rules.

Lucky these four have never been a huge fan of rules, and together with the overlords, they’re going to figure out how to save everyone.

Or die trying.

Note: This paranormal romance series is over 350k words, filled with strong, sarcastic women, and alpha men.