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Writing away ...

So while finalising everything for Spurn – A Walker Saga Book Two’s release I am working on book three. Writing is definitely a process and I am constantly amazed at how differently everyone approaches it. Some people sit down and plan out the entire series/book step by step, chapter by chapter. They might write chapter five today and chapter twelve tomorrow. Some writers even start with the ending FIRST (crazy). I’m assuming that once they know how it all comes together and how the characters feel they can fill in the rest of the story.

Not me … nope I tend to sit down and just write, from the start of the story all the way till the end. I could never write the ending before my characters experience everything that happens during each chapter. For me, I need to see how they grow, learn and change into the people they eventually become. And besides a basic idea of the overall journey, planning is redundant, since they are all strong willed and have a mind of their own; I get very little say in how it all turns out.

Sometimes I find I need a distraction from writing, when things are getting stagnate in my story. So I begin my search for a new book, since I read an average novel in about two hours.

BUT here is my current dilemma, everything I read lately leaves me a little disappointed. Has the process of becoming an author changed the way I view other’s work? Am I missing the control I have in my own world to guarantee that the story develops in a way I enjoy? Or must I broaden my horizon and find better books?

I guess I’ll keep searching for that series which holds me captivated and has me eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Any suggestions??