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One of those days.

Writing is hard, putting yourself and your work out into the world is hard. I’m kind of getting the impression my romance sucks a little (or a lot) haha. I do see the point being made that it is a little unrealistic. I guess for me, I’ve always loved the romances where they don’t make sense, where two people are so different and far apart that for them to be together it can only be love. Because then that’s the strongest tie. Not just because they live in the same town or work in the same careers.

but I might be on my own with this. I wanted my heroine to be tough, have lived a hard life, but to still have remained a little innocent. To still have a soft side that with the right person and coaxing would appear. And I wanted my hero to be perfect for her, so he would do and say the right things.  Oh well, maybe a fail this time or maybe romance is not my thing haha. Best stick with fantasy.

I appreciate you all though, good and bad comments. It is helping me grow as an author.  I’ve learned a lot over this one year of writing.  And I’ll continue to learn 🙂

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