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Quandary for today.

Here is something I’ve struggled with. I am Australian and yet the Walker Saga is set in an American setting. I haven’t been brought up living without television or books so I have obviously been exposed to American culture. BUT I am Australian, the sayings, [...]

Spurn - A Walker Saga Book Two (Chapter 1)

Here we have it, the first chapter (subject to change and editing) of Spurn. If you have read First World you may be surprised to see this is not from Abby’s first person perspective. Don’t worry we will return to Abby, this is just a [...]

Writing away ...

So while finalising everything for Spurn – A Walker Saga Book Two’s release I am working on book three. Writing is definitely a process and I am constantly amazed at how differently everyone approaches it. Some people sit down and plan out the entire series/book [...]


Hello :),

My first attempt at a blog post, I figured it was about time I got one of these going. For those that don’t know I have recently published my first novel, First World – A Walker Saga Book One, and this seems like [...]