dragon mystics

Dragon Mystics – Teaser #3


No visible reaction, he was still just staring at me. With a huff I turned to walk my ass straight back out of the force field, I’d had enough of this shit. Louis was clearly deranged if he thought this was the place for us.


It was a command, plain and simple. I flipped him off and was almost at the golden shimmer when his next words halted me.

“I’ve never seen a mark like yours.” My head spun around to meet his gaze, he definitely looked troubled. “You and your friends are welcome here.”

I turned back to the veiled barrier just in time for it to fade away.


Right in front of me was two hundred and fifty pounds of angry, growling, cursing dragon shifter. Maximus, Jacob and Tyson were there also, and they didn’t look or sound much happier. I was guessing all four Compasses had been smashing against the barrier.

Mischa and Grace were a little further back, probably staying out of the firing line.

“You lied to me!” Maximus roared. “You were just supposed to check it out, not walk right the hell into the unknown.”

I batted my eyelashes a few times, although my innocent face had never worked on the quads. “I didn’t exactly lie. And how the heck am I supposed to get anything done when you all want to ride my ass? I can take care of myself.”

Tyson was the first one to wrap his arms around me. “Don’t you get it, Jessa babe, next to our mates – which we don’t even have yet – you’re the most important person to us. If we lose you, well, … we lose everything.”

Well, no doubt, I’d just won the asshat-of-the-day award.

I was girl enough to admit Tyson’s words brought a fist sized lump to my throat, not to mention a few stray tears trying to burn their way from my eyes.

Braxton growled again and held his arms out. “Mine.” His low voice was guttural.

All of us could see that he’d moved past the place of reasonable conversation. The predator – his dragon – rode him hard now. Tyson did not even hesitate, handing me across. Lucky, I was used to these men treating me like a life size doll.

Hard arms closed around me. The embrace was almost painful, but I was tough, I could take a bit of almost-squished-to-death for Braxton. Then, as if he’d heard my thoughts, his grip gentled. He had his head buried in that place between my shoulder and neck, and he was breathing deeply. I knew he was calming, getting himself under control. I could feel the racing of his heart start to slow, the scent of the shift easing. I could always sense that hint of magic which preludes a change among shifters; a spicy heat. Braxton had been damn close.

A throat cleared behind us. “You need to enter so I can reshield the sanctuary. We protect many here, and any delay could alert … the unwanted to our presence.”

Braxton stilled, lifting his head. He locked eyes with the cloaked man. I turned just enough to see that for the first time unease flickered across the stranger’s calm features. Good to see that Braxton’s general badassery was as potent in Romania as it had been in Stratford.

As a group we stepped into the cave, my feet were still off the ground so I moved as Braxton moved. With barely a whistle of air, the golden sheen again cut off the icy snow laden mountain we had just left.

“Follow me.” Cloak guy turned and started along what looked like a tunnel straight into the center of the mountain.


Dragon Mystics – Teaser #2


Braxton pulled the car over to the side of the road. There was a small graveled area which had just enough room for our SUV.

“What’s going on, Jess?” He turned his head to capture my gaze, and I knew he was going to fight me on this.

I brought my face very close to his, I could see every facet of the stunning blue eyes. A color which had haunted my dreams of late, for more than one reason. “I need you to trust me. I’m going to have to do something you won’t like.”

“No fucking way!” His reply was instant. The dragon in him rose to the forefront and I could see the unmovable beast that was such a part of his personality. “You step one foot out of this car and we’re going to have an issue.”

My own dragon and wolf responded in kind. We did not like being dictated to, even if I knew it was because he loved me and didn’t want danger slithering it’s slimy ass anywhere in my vicinity. In fact I think if he could, Braxton would have me wrapped in cotton wool and secured in a private location.

I caught Maximus’ eye and with a sigh he gave me an almost imperceptible nod. His features had tightened also, but he trusted my judgment. Plus he was not exactly aware of my full plan, and my vamp always had my back. I leaned forward and before Braxton could reach for me I kissed him a solid smack on the cheek and flinging free my door I dived out of Jacob’s lap.

Braxton’s curses rang free. I didn’t look back even though I knew Maximus would be using his bulk to hold the dragon shifter. I wouldn’t have long, no one could hold Braxton down, but hopefully it was enough time. The cold was icy enough to take my breath away, but my metabolism kicked in and heat followed the rush of blood through my body. The car had stopped about ten yards from the small opening into the mountain. The golden glow gave me a moment’s pause but I trusted that Louis wouldn’t have sent me into anything too crazy.


My body hit the barrier and before I knew what was happening I was flung to the other side. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up landing on my feet. I was strung upside down, my body constricted in a netting which was too strong to break.

My mind flashed to the letter and I decided now was the time to speak the password or forever be strung up like a piece of meat. Without thinking twice I spoke out loud.

“Misticii dragonilor.”