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Magical Compass

Magical Compass

Book 5: Supernatural Prison

Tyson Compass is not a wizard used to living with regrets. As one of the famed Compass quads, powerful and intimidating, his life has always been smooth sailing. But there is one regret he can’t shake: Grace Carter.

Grace is a healer witch he rejected many years ago. After completely disappearing from his life, she has returned, and turned his world upside down. The attraction between them flairs strongly, but she has not forgiven or forgotten his callous rebuff when they were teens.

Tyson does everything he can to prove he will never hurt her again, and just when he thinks there might be a chance, she has to leave again to help family. She extracts a promise that he not follow her; she needs some time to deal with everything. This is a promise he honors for as long as he can, but after almost two months with no word, he’s done waiting. He’s going to find his girl.

With help from a guild – human aids to the supernaturals – he tracks her down. Only to find that Grace was betrayed by her family. Tortured. Hurt. His rage knows no bounds, and he will do everything he can to bring them to justice. To discover the truth of why they kidnapped and tortured his chosen mate.

By unlocking these secrets, though, they will discover that Grace is not just a healer witch – she’s so much more. She holds a secret which could save the world of Faerie. As more of her identity is revealed, it becomes very clear that any potential mateship between her and Tyson might be destroyed before it even begins.