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Crais - A Walker Saga - Chapter One

Chapter 1 FURY

Fury crouched beside the rock face, the familiar heat beating down on her. She couldn’t help the sigh which escaped. She stood in an area that was completely shaded and it was still almost unbearable. For two sun cycles a day, Crais [...]

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Wow, where has 2013 gone, I feel like it just zoomed by, and now we are starting new again. I have no idea what 2014 will bring, and that in itself is both exhilirating and downright scary.

Crais – A Walker Saga Book 3 is [...]

100 likers giveaway

100 likes giveaway happening on my facebook now. Go on over, give my page a like and have a chance to win.

1x signed hard copy of First World (open worldwide).

Giveaway time...

Hello :)

I’m back!! okay, well technically I never really went anywhere, but I’ve been MIA online for awhile. Enjoying my baby.

But I’ve also been writing plenty, Crais is almost finished and it looks like a January release is on the cards. Ill have [...]

New addition :)

Hello all, sorry I’ve been missing for awhile.

Just home from hospital with the new addition to our family. Very blessed to welcome my second baby girl into the world.

I’m very much in love, there is something so perfect with my life when I [...]