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Hello Regali !!!

Hello there!! Everything is great over here in Walker world, I’m just working on Regali (book 4).

In between that though I’ve had the opportunity to check out Chameleon by Kathy Stewart.

If you’re interested in a thoroughly researched page turner set in South Africa [...]

IT'S LIVE ... Crais - A Walker Saga Book Three

Yep, it’s early, but I hate waiting for things, so I believe everyone else does also :)

Crais - A Walker Saga Book Three (Release date & Cover reveal)

1st February 2014!! Mark it in your calendars, that’s the date for the third book release. I’m so excited to get this one out there, the story is powering along. Hopefully I can keep up with it.

(Note this the 1st in Australia, so may [...]

Crais - A Walker Saga - Chapter One

Chapter 1 FURY

Fury crouched beside the rock face, the familiar heat beating down on her. She couldn’t help the sigh which escaped. She stood in an area that was completely shaded and it was still almost unbearable. For two sun cycles a day, Crais [...]

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Wow, where has 2013 gone, I feel like it just zoomed by, and now we are starting new again. I have no idea what 2014 will bring, and that in itself is both exhilirating and downright scary.

Crais – A Walker Saga Book 3 is [...]