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News for the Walker Saga

I love all the positive feedback for the Walker Saga, keep the messages and questions coming. I am working away at Nephilius, book 5 and there are many new things happening. I don’t want to give too much away, but right now Lucy is discovering [...]

Release date for Regali - 7th June 2014

Lock it in people :) so excited (and quietly freaking out – hope you love it), to bring you the next part of the Walker Saga. Over halfway.

Regali: Chapter 1

This is the unedited version and is subject to change. :) Welcome to the world of Regali.

Chapter 1  RIA

The two jag men waved their fronds, swishing around the tropical heat which encased Ria’s loft house. They had insisted on this task, but in [...]

Getting close :-)

I have reached that stage on Regali. 60,000 words. I have most of the basic storyline down, just a few more chapters and I’ll be done. I love it when a storyline comes together and some of the craziness of the Walkers even has me [...]

Writing, writing, writing ...

I love it! Writing is the best way to express and create and live a million lives. I can’t find enough time in the day to do all the writing I want. So I have my Walker Saga to finish- 7 books.

First World Spurn [...]